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Ruble Cattle

Ruble Cattle company

Our Family to Yours

We are the Rubles. We are raising the 7th generation on our farm in south-central Minnesota.

Quality in everything is our legacy. Find out more about our family and our animals.





At Ruble Cattle Company It is our goal to provide you with the animal that fits you. Whether it's your first year or you have a lifetime of experience under your belt, we want to work with you and help you earn the most success possible. 

We have always believed good cattle are good cattle, so over the years we have put together a diverse set of cows which allows us to offer a variety of cattle each year. This makes us unique because we truly have one for everybody. Generating impactful seedstock is our passion and we are confident that male or female, our cattle are capable of making an impact for you.

At Ruble Custom Meats, we bring high-quality, budget-friendly meat from our farm to your table to fuel your family and your lifestyle.

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