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Ruble Cattle

How it Works

Are you looking for a quality, affordable option for meat? Are you ready for a freezer full of premium beef ready to pull out at a moment's notice? Are you wanting a high-quality, budget-friendly, kid and spouse approved option to fuel your family?

If you've thought about buying beef in bulk, but have been intimidated by the process, let us help!



Here's how it works

Our Cattle

During the growing season, about April through November, our cows and calves graze on a variety of grasses in our wide open pasture. We rotationally graze them - which means we move them through the pasture so they always have fresh grass. After the growing season, they bale graze on a variety of grass hay until about January (when they are about to calve). They are brought closer to home and are fed hay, corn silage, and grain. They always have mineral and salt available to keep them healthy - it's like their multivitamin!

We care for our animals and do daily health checks.

We work closely with our veterinarian and nutritionist so our animals are as healthy as they can be.

From Cattle to Beef

Our animals are harvested at local meat markets, usually at Conger Meat Market, which is USDA inspected.

If you buy a whole beef, we will take your animal to any meat market within 30 miles of Albert Lea, MN when we can get a harvest date.

Prices can vary depending on the market, contact us for price. You can expect the price to be between $2.50 and $4.00 per pound. See our FAQs for more info!

After you have reserved your beef we will contact you to confirm your butcher date. At that time, an invoice will be sent to you for a non-refundable deposit of $100. Once your down payment is received, you can choose your cuts.


A standard 1/4 beef comes with *amounts are approximate:








Other cuts to consider: Soup bones, Brisket, Offal cuts, Hangar steak

You will choose your cuts directly with the meat market. If there are other cuts that interest you, feel free to ask about them.

Once you choose your cuts, and your harvest date arrives, we receive the weight amount from the meat market. We will then bill you the remaining balance. The invoice will need to be paid prior to your beef being picked up from the meat market. 

Finally, there is a processing fee paid directly to the meat market upon pick up, and will vary depending on the cuts and grinding you choose.

On average, processing for a 1/4 will range from $175-$225.

Buying in bulk is a cost-effective way to make sure you have high-quality meat in your freezer and gives you a variety of beef cuts that you choose. The best part is you know how and where it was raised!


  1. Contact us and reserve your beef.

  2. Send us a deposit to hold your animal ($100/quarter)

  3. You will get a harvest date, and we will tell you when to call the meat market and choose your cuts.

  4. The meat market will let us know the weight of your portion of the animal (estimate 200 lbs/quarter). We will call you with that information and payment will be made before you pick up the meat. You can mail us a check or Venmo.

  5. When you pick up your beef, you will pay the processing to the meat market.

  6. You get to have delicious, healthy beef as often as you like! (check out our recipes!)

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