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We are the Rubles

We are raising the 7th generation on our farm in south-central Minnesota. Our legacy is the quality cattle we raise, and the care we take in our land to pass it on. 

Doug was raised on the family farm, and met Pam at SDSU. They had Maddy, Grady and Riley. 

Grady and Laura currently live in western Minnesota and come "home" as often as they can to help with breeding, and everything else going on at the farm.

Maddy and Brady live northeast of Denver on Brady's family farm, and sell USDA-inspected beef in the Denver area.

Riley and Amy live on the farm in Albert Lea. 

They are actively involved in the daily work of running the farm.





From left: Riley, Amy, Grady, Laura, Doug, Pam, Maddy, Brady

Our Cattle

Our philosophy about raising animals is simple - take care of your land and animals, and they will take care of you.

We know everything about our cattle and land; and we focus on raising high-quality animals to continue raising calves,

or to feed our family and yours. 

Check out this video to get a picture of life in the pasture for our cows and calves.

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