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How to do a beef cutting order

We recently did a facebook poll and the number one question we got was “What is a cutting order? How do I do a cutting order?”

In a standard beef cutting order for a quarter, you’ll generally get:

T-Bone steaks - 6 to 8 @ 1 inch thick

Ribeye steaks - 6 to 8 @ 1 inch thick

Sirloin steaks - 5 to 6 @ 1 inch thick

Round steak - 7 to 8 pounds

Chuck roasts - 3 to 4 @ 3 pounds each

Arm roast - 3 to 4 @ 3 pounds each

Sirloin tip/ Rolled rump - 1 each @ 3.5 pounds each

Ground beef - approximately 50-70 pounds

What else can you do? NOTE: You may be charged more for extra processing on some of these**


You can split your t-bones into NY strips and tenderloins (AKA filet mignon)

You can do thinner steaks like ½ or ¾ inch

You can cube your sirloin steaks for kabob meat

You can tenderize your round steaks for salisbury steak or chicken fried steak


Cube your round roasts for stew meat

Ground beef

You can get 1 pound, 1.5 pound or 2 pound rolls. Depending on your family and if you like leftovers, consider larger rolls of ground beef. You could also have hamburger patties made.

Other cuts

  • Short ribs - You can ask for the short ribs. Usually they are turned into ground beef. They are fattier than pork ribs, but are great with BBQ in the crock pot.

  • Brisket - you can ask for ¼ of the this item, though it’s more typical to get this with a half.

  • Shank - this is called a soup bone in our area.

  • Seasoned specialties - our meat market does a great job on other seasoned items, like all-beef franks, summer sausage and beef jerky. These require a 25 lb minimum (and can be pricey).

  • Fat - you can get the fat to render into tallow!

The following are items that would require a minimum purchase of ½ an animal.

  • Tri tip - This is one of our favorites. It’s common in California and western states, but its popularity is moving across the U.S. More information about this cut can be found here.

  • Flank, skirt and hanger steak - these are thinner steaks, cooked hot and fast, they are great for fajitas and salads.

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